The Cut Flower Patch – Book Review

I was very excited this morning to receive a book through the post that I have eagerly been anticipating for weeks. It is called The Cut Flower Patch and is written by Louise Curley, who is perhaps better know as Wellywoman for her fact-filled, flower growing blog.


The book covers all aspects of creating your own cut flower patch, it is written in a very easy to read, practical way and is packed with wonderful pictures by Jason Ingram. It covers everything from choosing an area, designing your patch and maintaining it, to useful tips on growing all sorts of annuals, biennials, wedding flowers, foliage, bulbs, corms and tubers.
There is also a section on how best to cut your flowers and then how to arrange them, it has lots of ideas for creating beautiful, simple displays. At the back of the book is a very useful cutting patch calendar and favourite resources section.
I haven’t managed to read the whole book yet, much as I would have loved too if time allowed.  But it’s the sort of book that you can easily keep dipping in too.
I would say that this pretty book, is a very inspirational and practical guide for anyone thinking of having a go at growing their own cut flowers.