Mothers Day Flowers

Mothers Day is one of our busiest weeks, it is very hard work but also extremely rewarding.  It is so nice going out delivering bouquets of flowers, to all those well deserved mums. The looks of surprise and wonderful smiles we receive when we knock on the door are priceless. Being a florist is certainly a career that creates happiness.

£38 bouquet

£38 bouquet created in a kilner jar.

Mothering Sunday falls a bit early in our growing season, its 15th March this year. We do have our home-grown foliage, some cheery daffodils and  anemones, but the rest of our flowers are purchased from other British flower growers in the south.

British Narcissus

               British Narcissus

Our bouquets for Mothers Day are truly British, along with our flowers, we use British printed and designed cards, as well as British made kilner jars to display the flowers in.

We hand deliver each bouquet to our local area, we are taking orders up to Thursday evening this week, and delivering on Saturday, and Sunday morning. If you would like to order a bouquet for delivery in West Lancashire please take a look at our website If you are looking for British Flowers in other areas, take a look at the Flowers From The Farm Website a great resource for finding your local flower grower.

Happy Mothers Day, to all those wonderful mums, working hard around the country, remember that this Sunday is your day 🙂