Tools for Cutting and Arranging Flowers

Tools and Materials

When you first start to take in interest in floral design it can be baffling as to what equipment you need. Well, let me tell you, the essential items are

a good sharp pen knife

a pair of scissors

and some floral foam

That is it, everything else is not essential, as you can use everyday containers from around your home to make great arrangements without the need to buy specialist bowls and vases.

If you do want to enhance your tool kit, there is a wide range of other equipment available, but most items are only useful occasionally.

Wire cutters


String – strong, but not too thick

Reel wire – available in black for binding plant materials and coloured for more decorative work

Stub wires – sometimes referred to as florist wire, available in different thicknesses

Coloured aluminium wire – for use in modern designs

Florist tape – for securing floral foam into containers

Buttonhole tape – for covering wires and stems when making wired designs

A tool box – handy for keeping all your floral design things together in one place

Cold glue- runny cold glue is used in many modern floral design techniques

Glue gun and glue sticks – useful for more ‘heavy duty’ gluing

Chicken wire – used in large scale designs

Posy bowls and other plastic florist dishes

Wreath rings filled with floral foam

Candle holder – this is easily secured in floral foam if you wish to add a candle to your design