The Meaning of Flowers

Today’s blog takes a look at the traditional meanings and symbolism of certain flower varieties.

Allium                                  Good fortune

Alstromeria                        Devotion and friendship

Amaryllis                             PrideMixed flower buckets

Anthurium                          Attraction

Birds of Paradise              Magnificence

Bouvardia                           Enthusiasm

Chrysanthemum              Hope

Cornflower                         Delicacy and refinement

Daffodil                               Respect / Chivalry

Dahlia                                  Good taste

Eucalyptus                          Protection

Freesia                                 calmnessvase of flowers

Gerbera                               Purity

Gladioli                                               Generosity / Natural grace

Gypsophila                         Everlasting love

Heather                               Passion

Holly                                     Good will

Hyacinth                              Consistency / young love

Hydrangea                          boastful

Iris                                          Wisdom

Ivy                                          Friendship / affection

Jasmine                               Good luck

Lavender                             Devotion

Lilac                                       First love

Lily                                         BeautySweet peas

Lily of the Valley              Sweetness / Humility

Mimosa                               Sensitivity

Orchid                                 Love / Beauty

Peony                                   Bashfulness

Phlox                                    Sweet Dreams

Primrose                             Hope

Rose Red                              Love and Passion

Rosemary                            Remembering

Stephanotis                       Desire

Sunflower                           Loyalty and power

Sweet Pea                          Lasting pleasure

Tulip                                      Hopeless love

Violet                                   Modesty and faithfulness

Zinnia                                   Absence