Beautiful New Wedding Books

I love collecting books on weddings, my excuse is that I buy them to inspire brides who come to see me regarding their wedding flowers, but secretly I just want to get married again. Still to my existing husband!

There are 2 new books on the market that I would highly recommend to anyone planing a wedding. They are Style Me Vintage by Annabel Beeforth and The New-Fashioned Wedding by Paige Appel and Kelly Harris. Both are beautiful hardback books, and contain lots of inspirational wedding ideas. Both are available to buy from amazon.

Product Details

The New Fashioned Wedding is an American book, written by two wonderful wedding designers. The book shows ten stunning, design conscious weddings. Ranging from rustic to swanky in styles. The book gives hundreds of different ideas to inspire everything from the flowers to the venue furnishings, stationary and clothing.

Product Details

Style Me Vintage is written by a talented UK wedding blogger, Annabel Beeforth. It has been created to inspire any bride interested in a gorgeous, vintage themed wedding. It shows wonderful original wedding photos from each period, matched up with a modern take on each era. It starts with the Edwardian period and goes through to the 1970’s. packed with wonderful advice, from finding the dress, flowers, make-up and hair, styling the venue, cake and stationary.


My pinterest page

This month I have become a little bit addicted to If you haven’t heard of the site before., it basically allows you to store together in one place photographs from your own collection, or that you have found elsewhere on the internet.

I love collecting together photographs and pictures of things that inspire me, and this website gave me the opportunity to put everything together. If you want to have a look at my collections of flower related inspiration take a look at

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